October 7th to 13th is National Obesity Care Week


Lose weight safely and efficiently with our physician-guided weight loss treatment

For successful, healthy and sustained weight loss we need more than just “a diet”. The first step is the diagnosis. What’s the reason it’s been so hard to lose weight (and so easy to gain!)? It is well known that there are numerous factors that impact your weight: genetics, hormone imbalances, medical and psychological conditions, environmental toxins, activity level, dietary habits, biorhythm distortions, gut microbiota, etc, etc, etc.

Because we are aware of those challenges and factors, our Weight Loss Treatment starts with a comprehensive new patient consultation with Dr. Menucci. The doctor might order some additional tests to complete the assessment and based on that, using the tools of the most recent scientific discoveries for weight management, we’ll design a treatment strategy individualized just for you. The plan can include FDA-approved medicines in addition to detailed education on lifestyle interventions tailored to your specific situation.

Many patients have already benefit from our care! No need to keep waiting, start your journey to a healthier you today!

Book a TeleVisit or in-office appointment:

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