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Pledge for National Obesity Care week and more…

During National Obesity Care week we are called to advocate for education and improve access to affordable and comprehensive care for patients suffering for this chronic condition. Thinking of Obesity as a chronic disease helps to put things on the right perspective. As any… Continue Reading “Pledge for National Obesity Care week and more…”

October 7th to 13th is National Obesity Care Week

Lose weight safely and efficiently with our physician-guided weight loss treatment For successful, healthy and sustained weight loss we need more than just “a diet”. The first step is the diagnosis. What’s the reason it’s been so hard to lose weight (and so easy… Continue Reading “October 7th to 13th is National Obesity Care Week”

Announcing our New Clinic Day in Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Menucci is excited to announce that she is now opening her office for appointments in Silver Spring, MD. In affiliation with Capital Diabetes and Endocrine Associates, Dr. Menucci is now accepting new and follow-up patients. Call today to book your appointment: 301-899-7713 2101… Continue Reading “Announcing our New Clinic Day in Silver Spring, MD”

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