Live Video TeleVisits

Skip the commute and the waiting room! See your doctor from the comfort of your home or workplace!


Dr. Menucci has been offering TeleVisits since 2018. Telemedicine allows for your doctor to evaluate, diagnose and treat you via live video conference.

We prefer for new patients to come to the office for new patient appointments and we can follow up your care via TeleVisits at your convenience.

TeleVisits are usually covered by insurance at the same rate as they would cover office-visits. For more details about insurance coverage, please click here.

What is a TELEVISIT?

Televisits are appointments conducted via LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE where you’ll be able to see and talk with your provider over a secure video platform. This can be done with your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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How do I prepare for a TELEVISIT?

First you need to register to our PATIENT PORTAL which can be done in your computer via Healow website or with your phone downloading the Healow App.

You can watch this video for more information: