Great benefits in just few minutes!

It is well know that exercise is good for us. We hear about this since we are little kids and throughout our lives. Despite that, very few individuals take this seriously and include exercise as part of their daily routines. According to a statement from the American Diabetes Association the average American sits more than 7 hours a day!

Some common reasons (or excuses) that are given for not exercising: “I’m too busy”, “I can’t find the time”, “I have knee/ankle/back pain that gets worse with exercise”, “I’ll start next week”, “I’m too tired”, “I’ve never been active”, “It’s too hot/cold”…

I have great news! Recent studies have shown that even a few minutes can make a difference! Regular brief light-intensity activity bouts before or after meals improve the way the body manages glucose and fat metabolism. When associating exercise with a meal, your muscles will burn those carbs more effectively preventing the glucose to go up that high, which reflects on smaller insulin spikes released from your pancreas. Keep in mind that insulin is a strong fat-growing hormone. We don’t want high insulin levels in our blood so we don’t grow fat. Does it make sense?

exercise insulin

So, no more excuses! If you want to continue on your journey to a healthier you, shed some extra pounds, improve your cholesterol & glucose, increase your muscle mass & tone as you also help your cardiovascular system: Move for just a few minutes before or after your meals: dance, jump the rope, walk around the couch/desk, go up a flight of stairs, walk around the block, do squads… you name it! No more waiting, start with your next meal 🙂



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